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Office Supplies

Quality Office Supplies with Low Environmental Impact

The focus upon the environmental impact of supplies is something that we and our sister company, The Green Office, take seriously and we apply due diligence to the products that we source to ensure that they are, not only environmentally conscious but socially and ethically conscious too.


A huge product catalogue

Over 30,000 product lines that are added to on a daily basis, ensure that we can cater for even the most unusual of requirements. Although more traditional office supplies and stationery still accounts for a large percentage of goods supplied, the ever changing needs of workers, both home and office based means that we continually seek out and add to our product base.


Ethically Sourced Products

Our social responsibility policy ensures that we consider all aspects when partnering with new suppliers and that means that, in turn, you can be assured that all goods, services and products are sourced in an ethical, social and environmentally focused fashion. Our procurement team do all of the hard work to ensure that your buying decision need only focus upon the actual purchasing decision rather than the background work too.

If you have a supplies requirement then set us the challenge of sourcing it for you, the knowledge, experience and vast array of industry contacts that our buyers have is unrivalled within the industry.

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