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Managed print comes in a variety of guises and, in truth, there is no one size fits all approach to managed print. Here at DEOS Group we firmly believe it should include a consultative approach with collaboration between all parties, rather than simply having a standard package being foisted upon you. In our experience, most "managed print" contracts are really just basic print services – automatically supplying toner hardly qualifies as managed print and neither does simplistic device consolidation.

A vital point to remember when considering a managed print agreement is that the very nature of the agreement demonstrates that the solution should be service-led rather than product led. Anyone can supply a box with a string of speeds and feeds but very few can provide a comprehensive service wrap around that is the very essence of a successful managed print agreement.

Taking a different approach

We individually tailor each of our Managed Print Solutions to fit a client's specific needs with a particular emphasis upon right sizing, rather than like for like replacements. Each of our agreements are drawn up individually, as opposed to a "one size fits all" approach and we apply a long term, collaborative strategy to all of our customer relationships.

Managed Print Solutions is not all about device consolidation – it is more about providing a fleet of devices that are technically, environmentally and financially productive whilst offering elevated levels of user experience. This user experience is of particular importance to us, as your colleagues' satisfaction directly relates to the success of our project.

Powerful Partnerships

In terms of hardware, we work in partnership with Ricoh and Lexmark who are global leaders in their own right, both with a reputation for excellence in the actual products and their reliability, achieved through their continual investment in R and D. We are proud to be Premier Partners with both of them.


Financially, we partner with the most innovative and flexible funders, employing the services of whichever is best suited to the individual requirements of the client. We place a particular focus upon the most financially effective method of procurement, thereby ensuring that we provide best financial advice as well as best technical and environmental advice. 

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Specialist Print Management

Although we can – and do – supply managed print services to any and all types of business, there are a number of sectors for which we provide specialised services to improve efficiency, security and cost control. More information on these can be found at the following:

If you want to experience a really different level of user experience from a company with a desire to innovate then come and see us – we think you will enjoy the experience.

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